Join Our 4 Month Fat Loss & Body Recomposition Program Online Coaching Program and Build Serious Momentum Towards Changing Your Body (And Health) Without Following Overly Rigid and Freaking Crazy Diet & Workout Programs.

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From: Amber Rogers and Sean Flanagan


Where: Oakland, CA and Beyond! (100% online)

Over the course of 4 months, we will help give you the tools to significantly change your body composition and health... in a way that pushes you along gently without forcing you to compromise your sanity and happiness.


This comprehensive program is designed to support you from a variety of angles to give you an immediate program that you can start applying, but more importantly, deliver the skills and habits along the way for lasting change.


We'll have your back from day one with your customized meal plan template, monthly workouts, and support along the way.


Why We Created This Program:

In our online writings, we advocate freeing yourself from overly strict and non-evidence based diet ideas.   For many people, simply learning that eating carbs or eating after 6:12pm pacific time won't immediately make them gain 100 lbs makes them feel liberated, and no longer carrying around their self-limiting diet ideas, they can move along and get the results they wanted all along.

For others though, when they find out that no, they DON'T have to eat 6 meals per day, drink 40 oz of green juices per day, or completely eschew grains, legumes, dairy, or sugar, they now feel like they have no guidelines to fall back on.   The old map was off course, but now they have no map.   And this is scary.

Most diet gimmicks are based on tricking you to eat the appropriate amount of calories (or sadly, much lower than that) without being up front about that being the mechanism involved.   So if the only way you know how to achieve a 500 calorie per day calorie deficit is to eat 1 meal per day, you may feel lost when you stop doing that to yourself.

That's what we find a lot.   You may be mentally ready to take on a more flexible approach to your nutrition, but you don't KNOW HOW to do that and meet your needs - ideal level of calorie intake and balance of proteins/carbs/fats -  to reach your goals.   And that's why we created this online coaching program, to give you some upfront structure that helps you learn how to meet your needs and goals, so that over time you can KEEP a flexible approach towards your nutrition and fitness and protect your emotional health.

Okay... so here's how it works:

We want to start you off with a template that helps you meet your needs.    We give every participant a meal plan customized to their approximate calorie needs and exclude any disliked or poorly tolerated foods.

Here's the thing though..  the meal plans are not meant to be viewed as sacred commandments of how you must eat.   Our intent is best thought of  as giving you training wheels.   With the meal plans we create for you, we're just giving you a bit of an extra stable structure for you to learn how to meet your dietary needs.   You can follow them to a "T" if you so desire, or you can modify them as you desire.  In fact, we WANT you to modify them.  That's part of the learning experience.  

How can you take your customized basic template and make it even MORE customized for YOURSELF?    We want you to take ownership of your process and your choices and develop an understanding along the way of the basic things that will support your success (like calorie balance, sufficient protein intake, and more).

That's a really important idea that we want to express - yes, we're going to create some meal plans for you.  But they're merely tools for you to learn how to meet your own needs - some up front structure for you to get the hang of the things.   Trust us, we have no interest in kicking in your front door and yelling at you for eating a tuna sandwich at 1pm when we wrote down "turkey sandwich at 12pm".

Enough about the meal plans.  That's just one piece of the overall strategy.   We're going to be guiding you along to change your body, improve your health, and create new habits as you get community support (and some pretty damn good coaching, if we don't say so ourselves).

In the first month, we're gonna work on determining your baseline energy needs for weight maintenance.  And the workouts in Month 1 are designed to help you build a strength base for future fat loss efforts, and if you accidentally are in a slight calorie surplus, you'll build some muscle (your glutes will probably get a significant 'lift', we hope you don't mind).

In months two and beyond, we take that baseline of strength from the group workouts and the understanding of your calorie needs in month 1 and we help you tweak your plan towards supporting fat loss.

The Fat Loss & Body Recomposition Online Coaching Program is designed to comprehensively help you have a roadmap for fitness success in the longer term, while in the shorter term giving you those things like a slimmer waist and leaner thighs and a rounder set of glutes (if you're into that sort of thing).

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Here’s What Is Included in the Program:

Customized meal plan design matched to your personal energy needs and excluding foods that don't meet your preferences or tolerances (a $300 value). Please note: we are unable to design meal plans specific to medical conditions or other extreme limitations.

New workout programs (3 different levels) for the group each month (a $200 value)..

Monthly recorded coaching sessions/ Q+A calls where we answer questions submitted from the group in-depth (a $175 value)

Private Facebook small group community support (a $197 value).

Coaching guidance from both Sean and Amber in the private FB Group (a $247 value).

**Please note: Because there is significant up front labor on our part (we design your $300 meal plan after your first payment), we cannot allow for early cancellations from this program. **

What Others Are Saying:

I have been lucky enough to be working with Sean and Amber for almost two months now. The workouts are easy to follow yet just tough enough to feel challenged. The eating plans are customizable and I don't feel deprived because I'm eating food I like. Best of all, Sean and Amber are always around to answer questions and offer their support and advice. We are in fat loss mode right now and in 22 days I've lost 6.2 pounds and 6.75 inches.

- Crystal Short

I'm so lucky to belong to Amber and Sean's group. Been on the plan for 4 weeks and am happy with the results. The exercises are easy to follow and do and I really love the customized meal plan. I can't believe I've lost weight and inches eating 2200-2500 calories a day, working out 2x a week (ideally it's supposed to be 3x a week but life got in the way), most days I just walk.

They're always available to answer any questions regarding exercises and meals.

- Al May

Sean Flanagan and Amber Evangeline Rogers are awesome. I've made huge strides in my fitness and am loving the workouts. They are totally chill about the meal plans which is great to give you a guide. Do it!   Oh, and my hubby says my butt is perkier

- Ruta Fluxgold

I love being in this group. I've learned so much after just 1 month about my TDEE and eating enough to fuel my activities. I'm pretty excited to see what the next 3 months bring. I will definitely be looking in to continuing coaching after the program is over.

- Dawn Johnston

Each Group Is Limited To Just 25 People - Month 1 is $149 and months 2, 3 & 4 are $99 each (USD).


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*Your first month's payment will be charged right away.  Afterwards, your billing will start on a 4 week schedule starting on Month 2 (May 17th).

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