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You get it - fast weight loss is fleeting weight loss.

The gimmicks and fads caused fast initial losses, but then the weight all came back.

You’ve sworn off going on another crazy diet and pursuing quick fixes, but now what?

What else is there?

You know if things go too fast, that’s a warning sign that you’re getting set up for failure.

But right now things are too slow – stagnant, in fact.

So where do we go from here?

That’s why we created the Habit Project, an online community and coaching program for people who want to be strong, confident, and healthy WITHOUT fads or deprivation.

The key to slow, steady, and SUSTAINABLE change is by breaking the long journey into a series of steps.

These steps are what we call habits, the largely unconscious behaviors that dictate what results we get.

In the Habit Project, we harness the power of community and coaching support to maximize success with the small, day to day habits that impact our bodies and our health... one habit at a time.

It’s not crazy. It’s not fancy. And it’s not extreme.

It’s what works.

The road to success is always going to have some steps forward and some steps back, but when you approach things the OLD way we’re taking 10 steps forward and 11 steps back.

When we do things the right way, we’re talking 10 steps forward, 1 step back, brushing yourself off, and getting back to another 10 steps forward.

The slow path is the path that lets you keep moving.   It’s the path that actually gets you where you want to and lets you stay there.

The fast path gets you nowhere.

So maybe the slow path isn’t really so slow, now is it?

The secret to making these slow changes stick – and bringing the very best out of you - is the power of community.

Within the Habit Project, members of the community support one another in the systematic implementation of new behaviors – one at a time.

We’re not going to make any promises on the rate of weight loss you experience. It could be fast. It could be very slow. Frankly, we’re not all that concerned with pounds per month. We’re concerned with your lasting success - and we know that by consistently putting one foot in front of the other with creating your healthy habits, the weight WILL come off.

Here are our 3 pillars that make the program work:

  1. Sustainability – sustainability is a core value out of the Habit Project.   We want you to learn how to make the different habits work for you for the long haul.   We’re not doing “14 day habit challenges”, we’re creating the behaviors that will support your health and fitness for years to come.
  2. Focusing on the process – weight and inches lost is a byproduct of your behavior, but is also a bit unpredictable due to factors beyond our control such as water retention. But since the part we have control over is the behavior, how about we just focus on the behavior? How about we focus on what matters – what you’re doing – as our way of monitoring your progress?
  3. Community – we already talked about community, oh and believe us we’re going to talk about it some more. The community is literally what makes all of this stuff work.

Through our habit-based focus and by harnessing the power of community, you'll develop the skills for LASTING success so you never feel tempted to go on a restrictive diet again.

Benefits Experienced by Habit Project Members:


  • Yes, Habit Project members lose pounds and inches.   But most importantly, it happens without thinking about it.   When you focus on the process rather than focusing purely on what happens with the scale and measuring tape, weight loss doesn’t necessarily become fast, but it does become easy.
  • Increased momentum over time – you’ll probably notice benefits from each habit. But the power really comes when they start to build on each other. Over time, the sum of these healthy habits will accumulate to be greater than their individual parts. 1 + 1 = 3, as the old cliché on synergy goes.
  • Develop mastery in the components of having a balanced diet, without the restriction or guilt that comes with diet programs.
  • Simplify your health and fitness journey so it can stop being all-consuming in your mind
  • Learn how to scale habits so you can make steady progress towards your goals rather than setting yourself up for failure.
  • Find ways to increase physical activity in a way that works for your life, so you can burn more calories, decrease cardiovascular risk factors, and get more stable blood sugar and energy levels.
  • Discover “tricks” that will help you learn how to eat intuitively – so your diet can help you meet your goals without having to weigh and measure everything.
  • Increased energy - and since you’re simplifying all this health and fitness stuff, you get to apply that energy to your life and enjoy it!
  • Increased self-compassion and decreased perfectionism – well these aren’t ones you see every day on a fitness website, now are they? There are many ways to do a given habit - we focus on helping you make it work for you. This means letting go of black and white thinking. Also, we even do a habit specifically on compassion and it’s one of our member favorites!

But How Effective Are Group Programs Really?


Since 1-on-1 programs are generally the most expensive and therefore have a high perceived value, it’s often assumed that 1-on-1 programs are more effective than group programs.

This assumption as it turns out, isn’t actually true.

In fact a 2009 meta-analysis and review of 5 group versus 1-on-1 weight loss interventions (Renjilian et al) came to the conclusion “… that group-based interventions are more effective than individual-based interventions in the population* represented by the participants in our included studies”

*the authors found there were not enough studies done with lower socio-economic participants or men-only to make the conclusion for all participants.


“Okay…That’s Cool…But I Think I’d Still Prefer 1-on-1 Support Instead of a Group”


Here’s where the scientific research on weight loss success becomes even MORE interesting!

In 2001, Dr. David A. Renjilian and team recruited 96 participants for a study on the effectiveness of group weight loss therapy. All participants were asks to state what they preferred – one-on-one or group.   What they found was across the board, those who participated in the group weight loss therapy had better success – even if they stated a desire for one-on-one!

So yeah, group programs for weight loss aren’t as good as 1-on-1. They’re actually BETTER.

One practical exception of course can be for unique populations and needs that may be tough to put in a group.   If you’re a 45 year old mother who is moderately active, it’s relatively easy to find peers with similar challenges and goals.   If you’re a competitive triathlete on the other hand, it’s a bit trickier.

In the Habit Project we take advantage of the power of community by grouping you with people with similar values and goals in our private online or app-based community.

Community-based programs not only come with a lower price tag compared to one-on-one programs, they're actually MORE effective for long term success.

Why Our Habit Project Community is So Awesome:


Members of our community are all working towards the same objectives – finding balance to support sustainability, focusing on the process rather than getting freaked up by the normal ups and downs on the scale, and taking things one simple step at a time.

So rather than just having general “weight loss support” from your community, you have support specifically from an entire group of people working on the same values that will help you with long term weight management and health.

We become those who we surround ourselves with – and the Habit Project allows you to surround yourself (no matter where you live in the world - via the iPhone app with other people working at being healthy, strong, and confident without the usual nonsense.

Here’s the secret: while the habit-based approach is awesome and we introduce great habits, it is really the community that makes everything work.

Let’s face it. The individual components of making your lifestyle and diet healthier are not super complex.

The stuff that gets you the most bang for your buck are things like stopping eating when you’re satisfied and eating plenty of vegetables.

You don’t need a 300 page book on why these things are good. You know they’re good. The challenge is getting yourself to do them.

Part of that is the one habit at a time approach.   Part of that is being surrounded with other people working on the same thing. And another part of that is having the accountability to others (while not feeling pressure to be perfect).

Really, there’s very little (if anything) in the program that is earth shattering or ground breaking – we’re not revealing ancient secrets of fitness and nutrition passed onto us through sacred scrolls.

We mostly just work on the things you already know are good – but due to the community and the coaching, you actually DO them!

Complexity isn’t going to get you closer to your goals. It’s just going to make things overwhelming and set you up for failure.

Instead we make things SUPER simple – almost “too” easy – and focus on consistency.

One simple step in front of the other. Over and over again.


Here's What Members Are Saying:

This program is truly amazing. Simple and silly effective.  Just an aside- when I started the recomp program I was 143. Just checked yesterday and I’m down 3 more lbs. 135 is my new magic number. 8 lbs lost and never on a diet. Boom. Biting off very small chunks of change at one time opens the door to small successes. Those start stacking up and you begin to feel so damn good that you take better care of yourself. I just needed the program to keep my eye on the ball. I’m easily distracted from caring for myself.

Meredith Gafill

Prior to the Habit Project, I wasn't very participatory in my life...I lacked energy, focus, and joy. While the Habits have me developing skills related to eating, sleeping and exercise, the results have impacted far more than that. A few pounds have dropped and several inches have melted away during my couple of months, but more importantly I eat with mindfulness, having learned to listen to my body and hunger cues, I have more energy, which leads to more days of moving than not, and I have reconnected with me and my life. And when a person starts to feel success, it leads to more success; so, even when I have a bad day, it doesn't lead to more bad days...I just shrug it off and find a new day of success...that is joyful.

Tracy Thompson

So far the program helped me realizing that my need to be perfect is actually hindering me. Doing things on my own I get overwhelmed pretty soon. Working in slow and small steps is really helping me to be more aware of my mental and physical needs. The daily check in's and the support of the group help me to stay motivated. Sean and Amber help you find your own way but are always willing to provide more guidance and support when needed. Oh, and I totally should add, it's not only enhancing my health and fitness but also helps me in all areas of my life (by helping me letting go of the perfectionism). I'm planning to start my own business for years now and if that finally happens this year your program made a huge contribution to it. Which speaks for it being a lifestyle program rather than "just" a weight loss program. Although I'm not sure this was the intention 🙂

Maria Kurz

I’ve been part of the ETF group for over a year and love the principles/concepts but I feel like this habit project is really going to help me focus on balancing what/how I eat without all the denial and guilt of a “diet program”

Jennifer Jones

Prior to starting the Habit Project I would have grand plans to begin new habits, but was consistently setting myself up for failure. My goals were large and unattainable and I felt defeated. The Habit Project has taught me how to set myself up for success. I know now to make my habits small, scale-able and achievable. Most importantly, I had the support of the Habit Project community so if something wasn't working I had my group to brainstorm with and keep me going. Starting new habits is no longer intimidating or a recipe for failure.

Elisa Sharkey

he Habit Project is helping me to be committed to building and improving habits over time. It is increasing my awareness and ability to stick to the processes that create better overall health and fitness. It is helping me overcome challenges with emotional eating and some ED behaviors. I would recommend this program to anyone who is recovering from ED, trying to improve their fitness success, or just anyone who wants to be better at building habits.

Glenda Houston

I am down about 6 lbs as well since the beginning (8 weeks ago).  I love The Habit Project. It's been just what I have needed.

Lisa Moore

So Who Are We Anyway?

The Habit Project Coaches:

Amber Rogers, in addition to being the face behind the Go Kaleo blog, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. She works for The Y in Oakland CA, where she has the great honor of working with everyone from seniors to disadvantaged teens. Amber’s focus is long-term behavior change, and overturning the disordered, quick fix, shame based Diet Culture.

Sean Flanagan is a fitness and nutrition strategist who clients improve their health and lose weight with simple habit changes and thinks that the modern fixation on extreme workouts and rigid diets are a recipe for disaster.   Sean is certified as a personal trainer by the National Strength & Conditioning Association and is a Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.

How This Differs from Other Programs:

  • Long term focus.   We’re not preparing you for a photo shoot, we’re preparing you for the rest of your life.  We want you to develop sustainable habits, learn and practice the components of a balanced diet, and become and stay more active – just to name a few…
  • A community of people with a similar values as you – in the Habit Project everyone has the shared mission of becoming strong, confident, and healthy without super restrictive diets or psuedoscience.
  • Support without judgment – You’re not “bad” if you don’t hit a certain weight or eat a specific number of calories (largely because we don’t even measure those things) – or even if you didn’t do your habit. If you’re struggling, we want to help you get out of your rough patch.   We’re not interested in labeling you as “good” or “bad” for how you do in our program.
  • A safe space to discuss any personal struggles that may surface during this process in the private group within the app.
  • “Holistic” approach. No, we don’t mean coffee enemas and drinking kale juice as you tap yourself to get rid of toxic energy.   We mean that we introduce a wide range of habits that not only will help improve your health and help support weight management in the shorter term, but will also lead to a more balanced and happy life long term.   It can get overwhelming to do too many nutrition or exercise habits back-to-back, by branching off from time-to-time towards lifestyle, mindset, and happiness habits we also give more time to let the other habits stick and get more benefits from them before we add to them.
  • Easy to connect with coaches – we'll always just be on the other side of the app.
  • Small groups – we keep each group at a manageable size and divide each group into smaller teams for daily interactions so everybody has a voice. Because of the client-to-coach ratio and the fact that the community itself acts as an “assistant coach”, this enables you to get the support you need – including but not limited to timely support from your coaches.
  • No confusion. You’ll never have to ask “how many points does this have again?” or “what are all the things I’m doing today for the program?” – just your one habit and interacting with your community every day.
  • No weigh-ins. We don’t need to know your weight.   If you want to weigh yourself, you may.   We suggest using it purely as a form of data that gives you feedback on your current habits rather than a tool to judge personal success or failure.
  • No meal plans. Nobody follows a meal plan forever.   Let’s build the skills you need to meet your calorie needs with a balanced diet while still eating what you want to eat.
  • No mandatory calorie counting. We do “record what you eat” food intake tracking habits from time-to-time, but this doesn’t have to include calorie counting.   This could be as simple as scribbling “breakfast-bacon” on a napkin. The goal is awareness –and as always, we want every habit to be adjusted to be ideal for you.
  • No unrealistic targets forced upon you. Since we’re not fixated on weight or calories (and aren’t jerks), we don’t give you unreasonably low weight goals to try to attain or dangerously low calorie intake goals.
  • You don’t have to “earn your calories” with exercise. We’ll work on a lot of nutrition habits and some movement habits – but the goal is always just the current habit, not on using exercise as a tool for punishing yourself for overeating or to “earn” your food.
  • Flexible with real life – we always talk about how a given habit can be adjusted for your life situation.   And while home cooking obviously has advantages to restaurant meals, most of the nutrition habits you can still practice when out to eat.
  • We don’t waste your time. If you want to spend all day in the group and support your teammates, hey that’s awesome.   To get most of the benefits from the program though, all you’re looking at is spending a couple minutes a day in the group.   The only “required” reading is the habit assignment email.
  • You don’t need to buy anything else from us.   We don’t sell supplements and boxed meals or anything like that. We don’t even try to “upsell” you for 1-on-1 coaching! The program is the program, and it’s a pretty damn good one.

Every aspect of the Habit Project is designed to guide and support you towards long term success without unrealistic, unhealthy, or just plain insane demands upon you.

Here’s what a Month in The Habit Project is Like:

For 2 weeks at a time, the entire group will work on the same basic habit. The habit might look a little bit differently for you than another group participant – but the same core idea will be the focus of that 2 week period.

For example, let’s say the habit we’re working is “eat more protein”.   For one person that may mean they eat protein at every meal, at 1-2 specific meals, or even aim for a specific gram amount per day or per meal.

We try to introduce a wide variety of habits. We do a lot of nutrition habits, but we also make sure to include exercise, lifestyle, and mindset habits. Balance is a core value of the Habit Project, so we try to guide that intentionally with a diverse mix of different habits that will improve your health, fitness, and life.

More specifics of how things work here:

Week 1 – Sunday night:   We send you an email with the download link for the app so you can join the group meet your teammates.

Week 1 – Monday. Okay…Monday is a big day in the Habit Project…

  • In the middle of the night (North America), the first habit assignment will hit your phone.   It’ll talk about the new habit and include directions for how you can personalize it.
  • By the end of the day, you’re encouraged to post your own intended version of the habit following the template in that message.   If you need help personalizing the habit, you’re invited to ask for help. If you’re confused as to how to make the habit work for you, most likely someone else is too. Asking questions helps everybody.

*And if there really is no way to make a specific habit work for you – you can take with one of the coaches via private message and we’ll help you come up with an alternative.

3) You’ll be put into a team for the first habit.   We divide the group at large into smaller teams for the daily check-in threads.

4) The team leader for your team will tag you in the check in thread.   You’ll post if you did your habit and reflect on the questions in the post.

Weeks 1 and 2 – Every Day: Check-in if you did the habit or not, reflect on the day as it related to the habit, share any successes we can congratulate you on and/or struggles we can support you with.   The more you interact with the community, the stronger the community.   The stronger the community, the more you’ll benefit long term from the program.

Week 2 and Beyond - Beginning of the Week: Typically on Mondays or Tuesdays, Sean will send private messages on the app with feedback on you how performed the week before based on your check-ins.   This opens the door for further 1-on-1 support or troubleshooting as needed.

Week 3 – Monday. You get the next habit that will be our sole focus for the next 2 weeks and we generally mix the teams up so you get meet more of your teammates.   You’ve got a sense now for things work and can keep building momentum.

And on it goes,for however long you can be a member of our community!  After the 12 week on-ramp, you'll have the option to join an ongoing group.


Okay... Here’s a Summary of What The Habit Project is All About...

Habit-Based and Moderation-Focused - knowing about fitness and nutrition is one thing – IMPLEMENTING it is a whole ‘nother game. We’re going to work on mastering individual habits that will support your goals. But just because something can be called a "habit" doesn't mean it's a GOOD habit. With our eye on sustainable and healthy changes, we’ll make sure that you work on habits that will support for the long term rather than ruin your attitude towards fitness or relationship with food.

Realistic and Suitable for Just About Everyone - we’re not going to FORCE a given habit on you. We’re going to help you figure out how you can make it work for YOUR life. Since your habit will be customized for your situation, there’s no scenario where you CAN’T participate. The only requirement is that you have patience to trust the 1-step-at-a-time process.

Inclusive of Your Favorite Foods – don’t like lima beans? We won’t force you to eat them. Don’t want us to take away your ice cream? Neither do we!

Process-Focused and Sustainable - we’re not focused on X lbs per week or Y inches per month. We’re focused on mastering the habits that will give YOU control over those things. By focusing on new habits every 2 weeks, you won’t get bored by doing the same thing all the time. And since the habits are scaled to your personal situation and comfort level, you’ll avoid the overwhelm that can ruin the best of intentions.

Intelligent – we know a thing or two about nutrition and exercise. We’ll make sure that the habits are things that can support your goals in an efficient manner. We don’t include done-for-you or customized training programs in this program (that would make too many people unable to afford this), but we will steer you in the right direction with recommendations and from time-to-time we’ll focus on exercise habits rather than nutrition habits.

Change Decision Making Concept

"This Sounds Like The Best Program Ever!  So What Does it Cost?!?!?!"


Well firstly, thanks for your enthusiasm.   We think it's a pretty cool program too.

If you were to work with Sean or Amber for 1-on-1 online coaching, you'd be looking at least $247 per month.  But since the community itself will act as an "assistant coach", we don't have to charge nearly that much - only $5.25 per day!

That's just the price of 3 tacos and a side of guacamole or a Caramel Macchiato.

This program is $147 per month for months 2 and 3 with the first month of $97 so there's less risk for you to give it a try.  This program is 12 weeks so please only sign up if you are willing to commit to the entire 12 week process - but if it's not what you were expecting, then we'll certainly let you leave before month 2. Payment is in 4 week intervals starting from your start date of July 13th. Registration closes Wednesday July 8th at 11:00 eastern/8:00 pacific (or sooner if run out of spaces).



Would you rather join one of our already existing groups on Facebook?  No worries, you can click HERE for that.