Tired of Busting Your Ass at The Gym and Not Noticing a Difference in Your Body? Now You Can Get a Customized Training Strategy to Reshape Your Body and Take Your Fitness to the Next Level... WITHOUT Spending Hundreds Per Month.


You know your way around the gym.

You’ve done your sets of 5.

You know how to squat, how to deadlift, how to press and row.

You even have the secret knowledge on what the difference is between pull ups and chin ups…

But there’s one little problem….

You don’t know where to go NOW.

The “newbie gains” period is becoming a distant memory.

Progress is slow and maybe not steady.

You’re no longer losing fat, gaining muscle, and getting stronger at the same time.

Hell…you’re not even sure you see a difference month-to-month.

You know you need to be more strategic and commit to a longer term plan.

But you don’t know where to start.

What type of long term plan should you use?

How often should you switch things up?

What type of progression will lead to the biggest visual impact so you not only see your lifts go up, but you see significant changes in the mirror?

It can be overwhelming and confusing.

If you’re going to commit to a long-term strategy to break through your current plateau, you want to make sure that all that time and energy gives you the results you want.

That’s why Rolando Real and I are pleased to announce our Body Recomp Blueprint Program.

We want to give you clarity in your long term training strategy.

We want to give you a customized training path, without charging you expensive 1-on-1 prices.

If we were to customize each individual 4 week block for you, that would get really pricey really fast.

So instead, what we’re doing is we’re creating a variety of training templates for hypertrophy (muscle building), fat loss, or recomposition (a hybrid of fat loss and hypertrophy) and plan out how you’ll progress through different 4 week blocks.

Rather than personalizing each and every exercise in a given 4 week block, instead we customize the entire 6 month strategy. You’ll know which program you should do when – what sequence to follow to bring out the biggest results.

Of course we’ll help you make substitutions as needed, but since we won’t be designing each monthly program from scratch we don’t need to charge premium rates.

This is as customized as a program can be without costing hundreds of dollars per month.

Here’s How We’re Going to Do It:

Step 1: You submit to us your initial information and “before” pictures.

Step 2: We put you on our one month baseline training program

Step 3: We review how your body responded to the baseline program, analyze your goals and your current physique – and from there map out your training approach for the next 5 months.


Since spaces are limited, we can only take on those who are in the position to reap all the benefits. Here are some of our requirements…

1) You have proficiency in basic lifting techniques - specifically with squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses, and rows.

2) You have AT LEAST 6 months of focused and consistent training experience under your belt.

3) You have access to a full gym, or close enough to it - barbells, dumbbells, cable machines/pulleys, squat rack, bench, swiss ball, and the whole shebang would really be ideal.  Some minimalistic combinations we could make work:

a) Squat rack and barbell, bench, and dumbbells.

b) Bench, dumbbells, and machines (specifically cable pulleys and leg press).

The more tools, the better.   We can make a more minimalistic set up work.  But it's simply not possible to get major results out of this program with one pair of dumbbells and some resistance bands.

4) You are self-motivated, know your way around the gym, and LIKE to train already... you just want some help bringing the very best out of you.

5) You're skilled-enough at counting macros - we can help you put the pieces together, but you should already be able to figure out how many carbs, proteins, and fats you've had in a given day.

6) You want to burn fat and/or build muscle - you'll experience performance benefits such as increased strength, but this program at its core is about helping you reshape your body.

7)You're willing to put in focused work for 6 months to reshape your body.   Some weeks you're going to see very little change, but if you trust the process and put in the work required, you'll be rewarded handsomely by the end of the 6 months.


Here’s What You Get in This 6 Month Program:

Customized Training Progression (a $399 value)

Your month-to-month progressions are planned to maximize visual changes to your body and improve your fitness based on a detailed personal assessment.

Beginning and ongoing assessments include visual assessments, your workout performance, and other subjective and objective data.

Includes a new training program every month

At the end of the 6 month program, you get to keep ALL of the different 4 week programs, including the ones that you didn’t use in your personalized 6 month program.

Daily Group Support and Accountability (a $200 value)

Daily check-ins in our private Facebook group exclusively for Body Recomp Blueprint members.

Each day you will interact with your team members who will help keep you on track and motivated day-to-day.

Facebook will be the center of communication for this program – for you to reach out as well as for us to provide content.

Support and Guidance from TWO coaches (a $347 value)

Including, but not limited to:

Help with obstacles as they come up to keep you focused on the behaviors that will support your goals rather than getting caught up with distractions and minutia that won't.

Need to modify an exercise for your cranky knee/bad back/ spontaneously combusting elbow? You got it.

Just “tag” us in the group and we’ll respond as soon as we can!


Nutrition for Body Recomposition Guidance (a $250 value)

Includes, but not limited to:

Simple flexible dieting strategies - so your diet will support your training and goals - but without driving you nuts.

Meal planning guidance via instructions on how to plan your meals to maximize results and personal feedback on your meal plan.

Supplement recommendations for your goals (if needed).

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We don’t guarantee a specific outcome in 60 days – that would be impossible.  The real benefits will be seen at the end of the 6 months.

Results always vary – depending on your current amount of body fat, your history, and how big of changes you’re ready to make.

Instead of guaranteeing a specific outcome – we guarantee satisfaction with the program itself. If you don’t feel like a valuable part of the community or think the training program is bogus, then we don’t want your money.

If anytime in the first 60 days you decide that this wasn’t worth your investment, you can redeem the 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and get your money back with no hassles and no hard feelings.


All together this program is a $1,385 value. If you were to work with Rolando and me 1-on-1 (well technically 2-on-1, but that sounds weird) you could be looking at as much as $347 per month.


But by being a member of the Body Recomp Blueprint program, you won’t need to spend anywhere near that.   This program is just $149 down for month 1, and then $99 a month for the next 5 months.


.This program is officially kicking off on Saturday April 18th!   In order to get everyone ready to go by then, registration ends Thursday at midnight eastern/9pm pacific.



We look forward to working with you!

$149 Today and then $99(USD) Per Month Starting in Month 2