Want To Take Your Fitness to the Next Level but Can't (Or Don't Want To) Go To The Gym?

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Introducing Dumbbells, Bodyweight, and Bands: a 12 Week Home Exercise Program

By Sean Flanagan and Rolando Real


There’s typically a wide gap between the types of workouts people do at home and the types of workouts you can do at the gym.

At the gym, you can challenge each muscle group in the “perfect” way with the right equipment and weights. There’s nearly an endless array of possibilities.

Whereas at home, workouts typically consist of a few random things that get you huffing and puffing in your living room but fail to shape your body aside from the muscle groups that are really obvious to train at home.

That’s why we created Dumbbells, Bodyweight, and Bands: a 12 Week Home Exercise Program. There’s no true substitute for having a full gym, but we can sure as hell make the most out of working out at home.

This is not another random collection of bodyweight exercises like you would get on one of those YouTube videos.   This is an intelligent training program that turns the disadvantage of working out at home into an opportunity to challenge your body in different ways.

If you want to shape your muscles (yup, including the booty), you need to increase how much work they can perform. One way is, of course, increasing the amount of weight you use, but we know that if you’re working out at home you’re not going to have a massive collection of weights, so we’re going to get creative.

By using a variety of rep ranges for each body part, we give your body the stimulus it needs to change (even if you’ve been at a plateau for a while).

Each phase builds off of the previous phase, which will get you excited about continuing with the program AND the specific way we structured this progression will have you increasing the volume and density (how many pounds/kgs you’re moving per minute) which will enable you to get stronger, shape your body, and get your heart rate up.

With the progression we’ve laid out for you, each month you will use the foundation you created in the previous month to kick it up a notch and burn more calories per minute.

How Can This Program Benefit You?

  • Sculpt your muscles and trim away body fat with short workouts and no driving to the gym.
  • Save hundreds to thousands of dollars on home gym equipment by making the most out of low cost equipment (spending money on equipment is inevitable - but we're going to help you get the most out of the cheaper stuff)
  • Shape your entire body with intelligent total body workouts (rather than just a handful of random exercises just selected to make you tired).
  • Get your heart rate up and burn more calories without boring repetitive cardio.
  • Stimulate your muscle fibers so that you can maintain muscle as you burn away body fat.  Weight loss + muscle preservation = fat loss.
  • Strengthen your core without spending hours on the floor.
  • Sneak in self-care during small windows of opportunity (like when your little one takes a nap). Instead of making plans for getting to the gym, just throw on some clothes you don’t mind getting sweaty, do the warm up routine, and get started with your workout.


"This morning I started week 2 of this program and I feel fantastic! I've been working with weights for quite a while and most of my workouts have been much longer than this one, yet I think this one works the whole body better than others I have done. That "stir the pot" exercise seriously works these 47 year old abs like nobody's business!! Thanks for creating this program and making it affordable!!"

Lisa Wilton

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for men or women with some strength training experience who are looking to make the most out of limited time and/or budget while moving towards their fitness and fat loss goals.  If you do not have at least 4 weeks of strength training experience, check out the 4-Week Home-Training Program

While this program is not designed for advanced strength trainees, it can be used as a program to minimize fitness losses during what could otherwise be periods of inactivity.  The more advanced you are, the more equipment and variety you need to keep going to the next level.


What Equipment Will You Need?

A full list of specific recommendations is contained within the program, but the main things you need to be aware of are:

1) Dumbbells - up to at least 50 lbs.  Plate loaded adjustable would be the most affordable.  Dumbbells with selector technology would be the most convenient.

2) Adjustable bench.  You don't need a rack for a barbell - you literally just need the bench.

3) Resistance bands.  We're going to be using these for big muscle groups, so super light bands like you may have used at physical therapy are probably not going to cut it.  You'll be needing bands with some serious resistance.

4) Stability Ball (aka Swiss Ball) - we'll walk you through exactly what size you'll need.

What Exactly Do You Get With This Program?

  • 3 months of 40 minute (or less) workouts.
  • Pre-workout warm up routine (that you can easily print out and use as a reference).
  • Online exercise database with video links for each exercise.
  • Printable training journals for each phase of the program.
  • Detailed program overview and directions file so you know EXACTLY how to use the program.
  • Recommended equipment list so you know exactly what to stock up your home gym with (if you don't have everything already).
  • Exclusive customers only Facebook group for support from Sean and Rolando and from other people going through the program.
  • Freedom to start at any time and go at your own pace. Since this isn't a coaching program but is instead a downloadable course that includes customer support, there's no negative consequences to going at your own pace.

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We don’t guarantee a specific outcome in 60 days – that would be impossible.  Results always vary – depending on your current amount of body fat, your training history, and how big of changes you’re ready to make, etc.

Instead of guaranteeing a specific outcome – we guarantee satisfaction with the program itself.  If any time in the first 60 days you decide that this wasn’t worth your investment, you can redeem the 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and get your money back with no hassles and no hard feelings.

Typically downloadable fitness programs range from $30-$147.  And direct feedback from the creators?  FUH-GET ABOUT IT (unless you're willing to drop some serious coin).

But in the spirit of getting the most effect out of a small investment, this program is just $19.95  and you can ask us questions about the program (including getting feedback on your form) at any time in the private discussion group for no additional cost.


Only $19.95(US)
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