Let’s Keep the Support Going and Build Even MORE Momentum With Your Habits.

Introducing the After-The-On-Ramp Habit Project Program w/ Sean Flanagan

Hey On-Rampers!


Over the last 12 weeks, you’ve laid a super strong foundation. Here are some things we worked on:


  • Being more aware (without unnecessary self-judgment) of your eating patterns
  • Laying your foundation for mindfulness of satiety and hunger (and the ability to react accordingly)
  • Increased intake of the most important foods for fat loss (protein and veggies)
  • Becoming more active
  • Deepening your self-compassion to support your mission of self-care in the habit transformation journey.


And let’s not forget the things that are even more fundamental than those.  Learning…


1) How to nourish the community with your engagement (and open yourself up to benefit from it)

2) How to personalize habits that are both challenging and realistic.

Now That We Have Come This Far, We Have a Lot We Can Build On…

It was tough picking just 6 habits to work on in the On-Ramp. We needed the 6 habits that would provide the biggest bang for your buck in terms of allowing you to build momentum with core skills (such as eating pattern and appetite awareness) while also covering a broader spectrum than JUST food habits.

But NOW? Now the sky is the limit. After The On-Ramp, we can go wide as we introduce completely new themes of habits AND go deep with mastering the skills that you’ve already begun working on.


Here are some things we’re going to cover After-The-On-Ramp:


  • Revisiting the habits that you continue to struggle with.
  • Intermediate and advanced habits for getting food portions right.
  • Intermediate and advanced habits on eating the foods that will best support your goals.
  • Strength training
  • Sleep
  • And more.

“How Is This Program Going to Work?”

In the On-Ramp, I will guide you through a 6 month series of habits that will introduce new ways to support your health and fitness goals, progress you to greater levels of difficulty on the habits you have built, and to shore up the areas you feel weak on.

Though the initial habit sequence I have outlined is for 6 months, you’re welcome to stay for as long or as short as you’d like.

This program will be month-to-month so while of course it’s recommended you go through the whole six months, no worries if you can’t.

And after the 6 months? We’ll start cycling through the habits again so you can stay supported and brush the dust off habits that may have started to slip away and we can throw in new ones too!


Sign Up Today to Get Started With the First Habit


We're going to start on Monday October 5th so we can get right to the next habit without missing a beat. 

The initial habit sequence is 6 months long, but you can stay for as long (or briefly) as you'd like.  Just contact me 2 days or more before your next charge if you need to leave and I'll cancel your contract with no hassles and no hard feelings.



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