Slow and Steady Wins the Race When It Comes to Weight Management... But How EXACTLY Do You Do That and Make Meaningful Progress?

The key to slow, steady, and SUSTAINABLE change is by breaking the long journey into a series of steps.

These steps are what we call habits, the largely unconscious behaviors that dictate what results we get.

In the Habit Project, we harness the power of community and coaching support to maximize success with the small, day to day habits that impact our bodies and our health... one habit at a time.

Within the Habit Project, each small team supports one another in the systematic implementation of new behaviors, focusing on one habit for two weeks, before moving onto the next.

Here's what some of our members are saying about the program:

Tracy Thompson Tracy Thompson

Prior to the Habit Project, I wasn't very participatory in my life...I lacked energy, focus, and joy. While the Habits have me developing skills related to eating, sleeping and exercise, the results have impacted far more than that. A few pounds have dropped and several inches have melted away during my couple of months, but more importantly I eat with mindfulness, having learned to listen to my body and hunger cues, I have more energy, which leads to more days of moving than not, and I have reconnected with me and my life. And when a person starts to feel success, it leads to more success; so, even when I have a bad day, it doesn't lead to more bad days...I just shrug it off and find a new day of success...that is joyful.

Maria Kurz Maria Kurz

So far the program helped me realizing that my need to be perfect is actually hindering me. Doing things on my own I get overwhelmed pretty soon. Working in slow and small steps is really helping me to be more aware of my mental and physical needs. The daily check in's and the support of the group help me to stay motivated. Sean and Amber help you find your own way but are always willing to provide more guidance and support when needed. Oh, and I totally should add, it's not only enhancing my health and fitness but also helps me in all areas of my life (by helping me letting go of the perfectionism). I'm planning to start my own business for years now and if that finally happens this year your program made a huge contribution to it. Which speaks for it being a lifestyle program rather than "just" a weight loss program. Although I'm not sure this was the intention 🙂

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