Want to Keep Adding Pounds to the Bar, Shaping Your Body, and Tapping Into Your Inner Strength?

Now Enrolling for The Strong As F*** Club

(aka Body Recomp Blueprint Level 2).

Hey Boxers!

We're so thrilled to see how much your consistent energy into the program has paid off with new levels of strength, athletic performance, and confidence (plus those cool body recomp changes)!

We heard your requests to keep going and we're ready to renew our vows for another 6 months if you are 🙂

Here's What You'll Get In The Level 2 Program as a member of The Strong as F*** Club:

  • More coaching and community support
  • Six more phases of hypertrophy and fat loss focused training programs.
  • Increased variety of training - covering the full spectrum of raw strength to strength endurance - to the degree that is reasonable and productive (we’re trying to make progress, not just do random stuff).
  • More advanced bodyweight training progressions
  • Pull up training progressions
  • Increase power in your deadlifts and squats
  • Training education - brief overviews with each training program to explaining what makes the nuances of each phase effective.
  • Biweekly 1-on-1  check-ins (well technically 2-on-1, but that sounds weird) - have a private message exchange with and started by Sean and/or Rolando to see what you need to get support or clarity on to keep building momentum.


“I’m still on phase 4 – can I do this program?”

Sure, we’ll pick things up where we left off,  where you’ll check in for whichever workout you’re doing.   At the end of this 6 month block of coaching, you’ll be able to keep all of the new workouts just like you were able to do in the level 1 program.

"How Do I Sign Up And What Does It Cost?"


The Level 2 program will start on Saturday October 3rd so you won't miss even a day.

To sign up, just click the "Join Now" button and follow the steps.


$149(USD) for Month 1 and then $99 Per Month After.


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