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We’re Nearing The End of The On-Ramp.  So Where Exactly Does The On-Ramp End?

 It ends with you becoming a Narwhal.

No, I don’t mean that we’re going to engineer your DNA and transform you into a tusked marine mammal.  Sadly that technology is still at least 6 months away.  Group Narwhal is the name of the evergreen app-based Habit Project group where you can participate for as many (or as few) months as you’d like.

In addition to cycling through foundational habits (including but not limited to the ones in the On-Ramp), I'm also continually introducing new habits.

The Narwhals are on the same schedule for new habits as you guys are; every time you get your new habit; they get their new habit. So when the On-Ramp ends on Sunday, Group Narwhal will keep going on as always.

Keep Your Habit-Building Momentum Going Strong

It was tough picking just 6 habits to work on in the On-Ramp. We needed the 6 habits that would provide the biggest bang for your buck in terms of allowing you to build momentum with core skills (such as eating pattern and appetite awareness) while also covering a broader spectrum than JUST food habits.

But NOW? Now the sky is the limit. In Group Narwhal, we can go wide as we introduce completely new themes of habits AND go deep with mastering the skills that you’ve already begun working on.


Here Are Some Things We’re Going to Cover in Group Narwhal:


  • Revisiting The Habits You Need More Practice With– in addition to introducing new habits, we are also always cycling through the “oldies” (including, but not limited to, the ones you’ve done as part of the On-Ramp). Your continued practice of your satiety awareness skills, maximizing your satiety with food choices such as protein and veggies, daily movement, and self-compassion will help you to stay on the Habit Project mission of being strong, confident, and healthy without fads or deprivation.
  • Intermediate and Advanced Habits for Getting Food Portions Right – weight maintenance mostly comes down your ability to take in the appropriate range of calories to support your goals without accidentally taking in so few calories that it triggers binge eating. We’ll continue to work on habits that help you get your portions where you want them to be without having to resort to outlawing foods or counting calories the rest of your life.  This includes, but is not limited to, habits on practicing mindfulness and eating meals instead of snacks.
  • Intermediate and Advanced Habits on Eating the Foods that Will Best Support Your Goals – this ties in massively with getting your portions dialed in.  By being a rock star at getting your protein and veggies in, you will fuel yourself for building strength and improved health as you guide your calories downward.  By getting your dietary fat portions to the appropriate range, you will maximize how satisfied you feel between meals, thus allowing you to lose more weight and/or have less hunger as you are losing weight.
  • Strength Training Habits – to help you build strength, and burn more body fat by preserving muscle mass and improving your hormone health.
  • Planning/Prep Habits - to maximize your ability to be consistent with the habits you're prioritizing.
  • Sleep Habits – By getting better and/or more sleep, we can prevent the excessive hunger that results from insufficient sleep and makes it extremely difficult to get your food intake where it needs to be to support your weight management goals.  Secondary benefits are more energy for your movement and food habits.
  • Non-Nutritional and/or Non-Exercise Self-Care - by learning how to address our emotional needs directly, we can reduce the likelihood of overeating or over-exercising sneaking in to fill those voids.
  • And much, much more

“How Is This Program Going to Work?”

Group Narwhal operates nearly identically to what you’ve become used to in the On-Ramp.

Same community support, same process for daily check-ins, same weekly private message exchanges, etc.

The only differences are:

1) Open-door enrollment means new bright-eyed and bushy-tusked Narwhals will join us from time-to-time (like when On-Ramps end).

2) One coach operation.  Group Narwhal is all Sean, all the time

3) More habits!  Like…infinite amounts of habits!


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 You’re welcome to stay as long (or briefly) as you’d like.  Just contact me 2 days or more before your next charge if you need to leave and I’ll cancel your contract with no hassles and no hard feelings.

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