Sick of Having to Choose Between Being Stuck at a Frustrating Plateau or Going on another Miserable Diet?

It feels like you’re destined to carry these extra pounds forever.

You feel like you’ve tried everything – and yet, it seems like there’s no solution.

Sure you’ve lost weight before, but the scale keeps creeping back up.

You saw significant results on that diet everyone’s talking about, but you couldn’t stick to it.   You felt run down, your cravings were through the roof, and you missed some of your favorite foods.

So now your jeans are tighter than they should be.   You’re not comfortable wearing your favorite dresses.

You draw a line… there’s no way you’re going to buy more (bigger) clothes.

You feel stuck.   What you did before was rough – but you start to wonder again “maybe it’s worth it?” and you start to try to block out the reasons why it didn’t work before.

After all, what other options are there?   That's the only thing you felt worked.

And then you blame yourself.  

Maybe if you had more willpower, you could have ignored all those cravings and they would have gone away…

No pain no gain, right?   Maybe if you sucked up the weeks of low energy, it’d come back…

But what if there IS another way?

What if YOU didn’t fail, but instead that diet failed you?

I’m here to tell you that IS the case.

You brought your A-game. You followed the map and got as far as you could.

But here’s the thing – that map rarely gets people all the way there.

Hitting a wall where you just couldn’t stick to the plan anymore – that’s the normal response.

That’s how MOST people respond. You’re not defective.   You’re not weak.   And you’re not destined for failure.

You JUST need a different map.

Losing fat and keeping it off are two completely different things.

Often the best strategies for losing fat quickly can make keeping it off harder in the long term.

By restricting your favorite foods, you want them even more.

So you follow the meal plan and avoid the "forbidden" foods , lose 5 lbs and then HOLY SMOKES, now you want to eat what you’ve been missing out on.

Then oops – the 5 lbs gone is now 6 lbs gained.

But hey, you lost 5 lbs – so that’s good right?

It’s a great accomplishment for you – but clearly you didn’t want to lose 5 lbs just to gain 6 in the end!

It’s time to try something different.

It’s time try something that is focused on the LONG term, not the short term.

Not losing 10 lbs in 10 days and gaining it back.

Instead, losing 10 lbs at a pace that is right for you… and then keeping it off.



Here’s what’s going to make this time different:

  • Having a strategy that is customized to you. When you buy a diet book, you’re getting a generic plan sold to thousands or millions of people.   But a strategy designed uniquely for you is more likely to get results.
  • Long term focus with short term wins. You want to see the scale go down, but if it goes down too fast, you know you’re going to be more likely to rebound. So instead, we’ll go at the right pace so you can keep off what you lose.
  • Guidance and Support. It’s not going to be you and your diet book alone anymore. You’re going to harness one of the most helpful tools for success there is – another person who is looking out for you.


Benefits of Having a Coach

  • Getting a fresh perspective on your goals and what you’re doing to reach them – there could be a few simple fixes that are glaringly obvious to someone other than yourself.   Self-analysis is tough!
  • No more guesswork – having someone help guide you can give you clarity and focus so you’re not worried whether the thing you’re doing will help get you closer to your goals or not.
  • Saving time.  I’m willing to bet you already have a full time job (and yes, being a stay-at-home mom counts).   It can take A LOT of work to do things on your own – reading dozens of blogs every week (with maybe 1-2 being helpful), writing down plans and coming up with workout ideas – and let’s not forget the wasted time from spending more time in the gym than you really need to.
  • Focus.  Sometimes it’s tough for you to invest time and energy into yourself – you feel like you’re being selfish when you do something for yourself rather than your loved ones.   Having a coach helps you to start taking care of yourself – because the coaching relationship depends on you prioritizing your self-care.

Unique Benefits of MY Coaching Program

  • Fully Customized – I don’t believe in one-sized-fits-all programs. I want to get to know you and your needs – and strategize appropriately.
  • Suitable for All Levels – I have some clients who are already athletic and advanced with nutrition – and I have some clients who barely ate vegetables before they met me.   Because I fully customize the entire coaching strategy, I’m able to meet you where you’re at rather than forcing you to follow “The Sean Flanagan System” or some crap like that.
  • Collaborative Coaching – I’m an expert on fitness and nutrition.   You’re an expert on being you.   Both sets of expertise are important – it’s my job to work with you so we can figure out what the right next step is. I don’t believe in telling you what to do and you having no say – I’m your coach, not your dictator.
  • No-Nonsense – I do my best to remain scientifically accurate and up-to-date, as well as keep things simple for you as my client.   You won’t hear me recommending silly pseudoscientific fad diets or gimmicks – likewise, I won’t talk your head off for 10 minutes about the ATP regeneration cycle during anaerobic exercise.
  • Comprehensive – I am able to help you from a variety of angles so you just need one coach rather than two or three.  I am able to help with creating healthy habits, nutrition strategy, and exercise strategy.   And if you need a completely customized exercise program, I collaborate with program design specialist Rolando Real to make sure I can fully address your needs.

Here Are Some Things That AREN’T a Part of My Coaching Programs

  • A “one size fits all” approach – you’re not paying for me to give you an overpriced already written diet or workout program – you’re paying for a customized coaching relationship.
  • Strict rules that don’t fit for YOUR life (see also: “one size fits all”)
  • Mandatory “point” tracking, calorie counting, and calculation of macronutrients.   Some clients do well with that stuff – and for many others, that just isn’t compatible.
  • Elimination of food groups. I’m not going to have you eat like a caveman or boycott animal foods.   And yes, ice cream is a food group and I wouldn’t dream of taking that away from you (or me)!
  • Eating 6 meals per day – hey, maybe you’re the 1 out of 100 people that actually likes nibbling all day. I’m willing to bet though you’d actually prefer to get satisfied from your meals and not carry Tupperware with you everywhere.
  • Carbohydrate restriction – you don’t need to avoid bread for the rest of your life to meet your fat loss goals.   Some advanced clients respond well to fluctuating carb intake throughout the week, but that’s far from mandatory or applicable to everybody.
  • Endless exercise – not getting ready to be spray tanned and standing on stage in a bikini in 3 weeks? Then you don’t need to do 10 hours a week of cardio.   Let’s get results AND still have a life outside the gym.
  • Processed diet foods or overpriced and gimmicky diet drinks. You don’t need to buy bland frozen meals and I don’t sell any supplements – let alone ones that end in “alife”, “genix”, or “ology”.
  • Gross green drinks, “cleanses”, or “detoxes”.   Hey, if you like veggie drinks, then awesome. But you don’t need to have a diet consisting only of spinach juice for 21 days to “purify” your body.   Fat loss is a lot simpler than waging an imaginary war on “toxins”.

The 3 Main Pillars of my 1-on-1 Fat Loss Coaching

(aka how I get results)


There’s a lot of clichés that get thrown around about nutrition, like “results are 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise”.   But what we can say for sure is that diet alone is more effective for fat loss than exercise alone. And from that, we know that for fat loss, nutrition is the most important piece – especially for short term results.

My nutrition approach is about meeting you where you are, learning what strategies have worked and haven’t worked, and working together to make the appropriate nutrition changes one step at a time from there.


Of course combined with a sound nutrition strategy, exercise can be a huge help for your fat loss goals.   By burning more calories per day, you can either lose fat faster on the same amount of food intake, OR eat more food while losing the same amount of weight you would have lost without exercise.

A proper resistance training strategy can help preserve muscle mass. This has two major benefits:

1) Preserving your metabolism.   The lighter you get, the fewer calories you burn each day.   Muscle burns more calories per pound than fat does – so the more muscle you can hang onto, the better.

2) By keeping your muscle while you lose fat, you allow for a more dramatic visual change. Your muscle-to-fat ratio is perhaps the most important factor in your control that impacts how you look.   If you can keep your muscle mass as you burn fat, you allow for a more dramatic “re-shaping” of your body compared to just losing weight (fat AND muscle).

Also, there may be times when you want to take a break from fat loss and focus on adding muscle mass (or regaining muscle that you’ve lost).   And again, since muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does, by adding muscle in the short term you will burn more calories in the long term.

I discuss exercise with just about every client.   We can approach it one step at a time just like we do with nutrition.

Alternatively, some clients like having a custom training program telling them exactly what exercises, and how many sets and repetitions that should be performed for their body (and preferences).   Customization to this degree is available as an add-on or an alternative to my coaching program.


Wait…I’m listing “coaching” as a pillar for my coaching program?   Who am I, Captain Redundant?

I give this its own section because it’s THAT damn important – and is often neglected.   Often when you hire a coach, you get fitness and nutrition information – but not the level of support that you truly need to in order to make those changes.   Telling you what changes to make isn’t coaching you, helping you make changes is coaching you.

I know it’s useless to tell you WHAT to do if you’re not sure HOW you’ll do it and don’t feel supported.   So our collaborative coaching relationship is the key to making progress happen – it’s what bridges the gap between the fitness, nutrition, and YOU.

Here are some benefits other clients have experienced:


Fat Loss That Doesn’t Compromise Your Physical or Emotional Health – feeling terrible and stressed is the old way. We’re leaving that behind.

Less Stress about Food – you don’t need to be “perfect” with your diet or follow a strict plan. You just need to put one foot in front of the other and make small improvements over time to get big results.

Confidence from knowing that you’re doing what works for you so you can ignore all of the outside voices telling you the 10,000 things you “need to do” to get results.

More Energy – by carrying around less weight all day long, you can attack the day like an espresso drinking cheetah (okay, some hyperbole)

No More Squirming to Fit into Your Jeans (and then buying newer, tighter ones)

Feeling More like a Participant in Life Rather Than a Spectator – from having more energy, being able to move more comfortably, and from greater confidence.

What Other People are Saying:

Amber Rogers

"Sean is the only coach in the industry I trust implicitly to not lead my readers down a rabbit hole of disorder. It's why he's the only coach I refer people to who are looking for 1 on 1 coaching."

Amber Rogers, "Go Kaleo"
Natalie Middleton

“Working with Sean has been a life changing experience. I came to Sean with a history of disordered eating and instead of just sticking me on a diet and checking in to make sure that I’m adhering to it, he strives to consistently meet me where I am at and suggest small tweaks that are both doable and beneficial. He not only addresses unhealthy dietary habits, but applies a gentle no-nonsense approach to help me break through the faulty thought patterns behind those habits. I’d recommend Sean to anyone who is seeking to develop a healthy body and a healthy perspective on food.”

Natalie Middleton, Vancouver, WA

“So I just had my coaching call with Sean. In one word F@$@ing Awesome!!! (okay, it's two, but who is counting?). I have to say that I worked myself up to a frenzy in anticipation…thoughts of, oh dear now he is going to tell me what I’m doing wrong, how embarrassing, etc, went through my mind. In fact I went to bed at 2 am. Nothing like that happened, it was a great phone call!!! We talked about what I’m eating and how. He mentioned somethings that could be the error in my tracking—the more I think about, the more I think he is right. We talked about simple changes I can make this week, that are definitely achievable. He modified my workouts for me into something real and doable. The call ended with me being in a really good place and with HOPE!  If you are sitting on the fence about coaching, I encourage you to try it

Tinuke Colpa, New York
Joanne Akhurst

Sean has helped me to stayed focused and achieve my goals of weight loss and increased fitness by following his program. He has assisted me with many different facets of my overall health and well-being, I would highly recommend his services.”

Joanne Akhurst, Australia

“When I first contacted Sean, I was in a tough place. For well over a year, I was eating right, exercising, and had never felt worse. I had quit smoking (yay) turned 40 (yay) and put on about 30 pounds (boo) I had no idea what I was doing wrong or what to do to fix it. Sean was amazing. He understood where I was coming from and what I needed to do to repair myself. His help and advice has helped put me on the road to recovery. I can not say enough good things about him. If you are in need of direction, Sean is a great, very easy to talk to and knows his stuff. I am thankful for all he was able to do for me.”

Melissa R, New Jersey
Rivka Martin

“I’ve been working with Sean for 10 months and it’s been a very positive experience.   I needed a break from all the dogma and Sean was the answer.   Sean’s approach is very different than what the popular diet and fitness industry has to offer.  My favorite thing about Sean’s coaching style is I have accountability to live by my own values, not have to change to meet someone else’s standards.  Anyone can say they WANT to do something but getting it DONE is where coaching comes in.  I have benefited from working with Sean.  He’s kept me motivated to keep to my goals and has given continuous positive pressure to make improvements in my nutrition and fitness.  I’d highly recommend anyone who is serious about meeting their nutrition and fitness goals to work with Sean. ”

Rivka Martin, Personal Trainer; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

So…Who the Heck am I, Anyway?

Well hello there, I’m Sean Flanagan – I like Peruvian food and long walks on the beach…

I’ve worked with clients in the fitness industry one way or another for nearly a decade.   From working as a personal trainer, I realized it’s woefully inadequate to JUST focus on exercise.   So in 2012 I started coaching nutrition and fat loss clients online.

From working with hundreds of clients now, I have learned that most people struggle in very similar ways.   1) Largely knowing what to do, but not clear on HOW to make it work for them.   And 2) Trying too many things at once and/or utilizing extreme diet or exercise measures that leave them overwhelmed and burned out.

The solution isn’t simply “more fitness information”, but rather the precise integration of coaching psychology, nutrition, and exercise strategy.

By focusing on making one change at a time, I help clients build one success on top of another – over and over again.   I do this by getting to know you as a unique person with unique needs and by customizing an appropriate strategy to help you.

My goal isn’t to get you “bikini ready” for a one-time event – I want to help you get a lean and healthy body that you can maintain for good.


Your Coaching Program Includes...

1) 100% Online via email or Facebook private message support.   Coaching on Skype (or phone if you’re in the US – but Skype is strongly encouraged) is also available for an additional investment.   I do offer in-person training in the San Francisco Bay Area, but even with training clients I find it still works best to handle the intensive fat loss coaching bit online, as workout time should be all about the workouts.

2) Comprehensive Intake.   After you sign up for,  I’ll send you some paperwork that helps give me insight on what types of things we should work on in order to reach your goals at an appropriate pace.

3) One Habit at a Time – you’ll work at making one change at a time.   Usually this is 2 weeks at a time, other times it may mean weekly.   For bigger changes, we break them up into small bite sizes pieces, so you could be working towards an end goal as a bunch of smaller goals. Again – everything is customized to you. The goal is to focus on making change as easy and non-overwhelming as it can be.

4) Email Support – if it’s best for you, this may be the main way we communicate – or you’ll just email between phone sessions.   Reach out for any questions at any time – likewise, if you want to brag about your success for the day, I’m totally okay with giving you a high five via email!


Your Investment

If you were to work with me 1-on-1 in person, you could be looking at as high as $1,080 per month.  However, my online  1-on-1 coaching  program -the 90 Day Weight Loss Habit Success Program - ranges between $277 and $499 per month.  Over 90 days, we can build real momentum in the behaviors that will be the most critical for you.  After which, most 1-on-1 clients move into a group program where they can work on additional behaviors that will move them forward, but we can definitely talk about continuing with 1-on-1 coaching if you want to keep going.  🙂


Here's How to Get Started

This program is currently sold out.  Click the link below to get your name on the waiting list and you will be notified when the next registration window opens up.


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Frequently Asked Questions

“How much weight will I lose?” +

As a general rule of thumb, .5% to 1% of current body weight lost per week (depending how lean you already are) is the acceptable limit for rate of fat loss.   More than that and we risk losing too much weight from things OTHER than fat (such as muscle).   How fast we actually go depends on what strategy is right for you.   Our main focus is long term results, not just the next 10-30 days.

“Is this macros coaching?” +

I customize my coaching style to your needs. With some clients, we talk all about grams of this and calories from that – and other clients we barely (if at all) talk about that kind of stuff.   I don’t do one size fits all coaching of any style.

"Why should I pick you over the 5 million other people calling themselves a 'coach'? +

I am uniquely qualified to help support your goals for lasting fat loss by my diverse skill set and ability to customize the strategy completely to your needs. I don’t want you to lose 10 lbs and gain back 20 and I don’t want to give you a one size fits all strategy – I want to understand your needs, coach you appropriately, and help you keep it off.

“Why would I need a coach? There’s a ton of information out there!” +

Exactly, there’s TOO much information out there.   A good coach can help filter out the unhelpful information (and misinformation) from the good information.   Also, knowledge and application are two different things.   Everyone knows that vegetables are good for you, but I’m sure you know people who barely eat any.   A coach helps bridge that gap between knowing and doing.

“Why should I pick online coaching versus in-person?” +

By working with people all over the world, I’m able to be extremely specialized with my habit-based approach for lasting fat loss. This means that every day I work with people with similar needs and backgrounds as you rather than being a jack of all trades working with anyone within a 10 mile radius.


The online format also allows for continuous support throughout the month. You don’t have access to me for 1 hour once a week – you have access to me 24/7.   This allows you to be constantly supported and for better communication.

“What if I want to build muscle?” +

That’s totally something we can talk about.   It can be really beneficial to alternate between fat loss phases and muscle building phases.   This has a huge impact long term on how your body looks – the more muscle you have, the less weight you have to lose to look lean.   I’m not the guy to go to if you’re looking to add 5 inches to your biceps for a bodybuilding competition – but as part of your long term body reshaping plan, I can help you with muscle gain too.

“What are your credentials?” +

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Strength & Conditioning Association and a certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.   I am professionally and legally qualified to work with clients who have body shaping goals and are otherwise healthy.   I refer out to a registered dietitian or other health professionals if you have a condition that would make us working together contraindicated.

“I’m interested in training program design – would I be able to workout at home”? +

Yes, the training program would be based on your equipment that you have available.   Certainly the more equipment you have at home, the easier it will be to design a program that gets you satisfactory results.   It’s really tough to put together a body reshaping training program when all you have is 3, 5, 8, and 10 lb dumbbells.