Pick Your Start Date

Thanks so much for being ready to start the Habit Project!

Below you'll see the next available start date to join, how many spots there are available for that start date, and a link to sign up for that date.   Remember that you must have your cookies enabled to proceed to the checkout screens.

Month 1 is $50 off (only $97).  Your first full payment charge would automatically be 4 weeks after your start date, just email at least 2 days prior to cancel if it's not for you.

The purpose of the discounted first month is that you can test the water and see if the community is right for you.   Likewise, it's to see if you're a good fit for the community.  The positive and supportive community is truly the heart of the program and we hold that community vibe to be sacred.

As you will be joining an existing group,  we keep the spots available for new people strictly limited for specific start dates.   This allows for the community to properly support you as you transition into the group.

Facebook - April 25th... (w/ Amber and Sean)

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Habitry App - May 2nd Start (w/ Sean Flanagan only)

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