Frustrated With Going On Diet After Diet Just to Gain All the Weight Back Each Time?
Finally...You Can Start Building the Skills and Habits You Need to Achieve Lasting Weight Loss.
And The Best Part...You Can Do It While Enjoying Food MORE (And Thinking About It LESS) Without Silly Rules, Restrictions, or Fake Diet Foods.
Dear Chronic Dieter,

I’m Sean Flanagan and over the past 5 years, I’ve coached over 300 women (and approximately 9 fellas) who were burned out on dieting and overly aggressive workout programs to create new habits that not only help them reach their goals, but that they actually enjoy.
I know that you might feel all alone on your journey right now…

Like nobody understands why it’s so difficult for you to eat “right”.. 

... why you are continually starting and stopping diet and exercise programs... 

...why you struggle to control your weight. 

But the reality is, MANY people have been where you are right now. 

I know, because pretty much all of the people I have worked with started off with some variation of the same story.

They felt like they were stuck… as their weight continued to creep up steadily year-by-year.

They were sick of “falling off of the wagon” and deep down, knew that fad diets and restrictive diets aren’t the answer.

And they felt uncertain… not knowing what they could possibly do instead and not knowing if they will EVER be able to lose weight, keep it off, and be a healthy and active person.
Does Any of This Sound Familiar?
  • They used to have weight loss as THE major focus in their lives and thought constantly about food - what they could or couldn’t eat - and felt that they had to stay hyper vigilant with counting calories, monitoring how many steps they’ve taken today, and going to great measures to prepare their “Diet™ approved” meals (if you can even call them “meals”...).
  • They used to give in easily to cravings while not being honest with themselves about whether they were making their food choices because of physical hunger or emotional hunger...telling themselves that they “ate it it because it was there” or “ I think I just like food too much”.
  • They had great short term success with multiple diets, gained it ALL back, and then struggled to feel motivated again... afraid to try anything new because they viewed failure as being inevitable.
  • They dreaded going to doctor’s appointments and feeling scared and judged when told that they HAD to lose weight... knowing that no matter what they did, they would feel like their body was actively fighting against them, slowing down their metabolism so that they couldn’t shed fat (even when doing everything right).
  • They couldn’t find balance and would eat healthy foods at the beginning of each day, but then would overeat most afternoons and evenings, causing them to feel guilty for eating “bad” foods and feel powerless to change these habits.
  • They used to watch helplessly as their weight crept up whenever things became more stressful at work (or home) and felt like they simply didn’t have enough time and energy to do all the planning and prep needed to move towards their goals.
  • They used to keep alternating between losing weight with restrictive dieting and gaining weight with binge eating, and were barely able to even remember a time where it WASN’T like that and where they could maintain their weight effortlessly...maybe college? Maybe high school? Junior high? Maybe?!
But Then They Realized What Was Holding Them Back...
After years of getting on and off “the wagon” and having their weight go up and down, up and down, and well...more up than down..

They had a “EUREKA!” moment.

It’s not that they needed to try another diet.

It’s not that they needed to just try to summon more willpower.

It’s that dieting itself is the problem.

Not only was it the obstacle preventing them from working on the things that WOULD provide healthy and lasting weight loss, but it was actively making it HARDER.

They realized that with each diet, they felt less in control with food.

They thought about how they were healthier, happier, and leaner BEFORE they started dieting on and off oh so many years ago.

And then...they discovered the REAL alternative to dieting.

They didn’t go on some sort of diet that pretended not to be a diet...claiming to be a “lifestyle change” that required special foods, meal skipping, or weird supplements.

They found a method of truly transforming their lifestyle to reverse the negative effects of dieting and to gain REAL control of their weight.

I’m not talking about some kind of “quick fix”.

I’m talking about a step-by-step process for creating the skills and habits that make weight loss easier than ever before.

Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch and create the methodology yourself.

You can take part in the same exact lifestyle transformation system that they did.
“What Makes This Approach So Effective?”
Please indulge me for a moment and imagine...
  • Feeling like your health and fitness habits are almost “on autopilot” and trusting yourself to make the right decisions at any given moment without having to think about calories, points, or whether a particular food is on the “approved” list or not.
  • Being confident in the face of cravings, knowing that the power is yours to choose between passing on a tasty treat or enjoying it mindfully and without guilt.
  • Truly ENJOYING the process of creating new healthy behaviors and feeling motivated to keep your momentum going.
  • Knowing that you’re on the best path for moving towards your goals and when family members, friends, or doctors say things that don’t feel supportive, you can just smile and shrug it off.
  • Feeling like FOR ONCE, you and your body are on the same page. You’re treating it well with your healthy habits, and it’s giving you more energy so you can stay active and keep your metabolism roaring.
  • Having a consistent balance that works for you where you’re eating the right mixture of nutritious foods and pleasurable foods so you can stop alternating between one extreme to another
  • Being in control of your weight even when life isn’t perfect and you can’t give diet and exercise your full attention even if you wanted to… having strategies in place that make it so even when you are impacted by stress, long days, and low energy, you can still maintain, or even lose, weight.
  • Breaking the cycle of your weight going up and down and experiencing steady weight loss that almost feels TOO easy...and no sign of it bouncing back up anytime soon.
A bit different from all of the diets you’ve been on, huh?

The secret lies in the precise integration of group support, individual attention and personalized feedback, and having the right skills and habits to practice. 

Lose the group support and sense of community... and then you’re more likely to just quit when the going gets tough. 

Lose the right skills and habits...and then you’re basically at one of those in-person weight loss groups where everybody is commiserating and bonding, but nobody knows what the hell to do (“maybe we should start skipping breakfast?”). You know what I’m talking about... 

Lose the personalized feedback...and then you’re wasting a lot of time and energy by not focusing on the most important areas for you to work on and are potentially setting yourself up for failure (or at least frustration). 

But I’ll talk more about that later. 
 First, I Want to Share What People Just Like You Are Saying...
Introducing: The Habit Project™ 
The Habit Project is an online coaching program where people work together on creating the skills and habits that they need to achieve lasting weight loss and move towards their health goals.

 Created in 2014 with co-founder Amber Rogers, the Habit Project has served members from over 12 countries and 4 continents. The Habit Project takes place on your choice of two different online platforms: Facebook or Slack.
^To give you a glimpse into the 1-on-1 coaching component of this program while protecting anonymity, the above conversation is a dramatization featuring Habit Project staff.  

Here’s a glimpse at what is included…
Habit Category #1 - Hunger and Satiety Awareness Mastery
  • Become more in tune with your body’s signals that tell you when you’re hungry or full, so you can start and stop each meal with confidence in your portion sizes without counting every calorie.
  • Learn how to make sure you’re eating enough during the day so you can reduce nighttime overeating (note: this is one of the top reasons people fail to lose weight and keep it off).
  • Find the sweet spot between eating enough to feel your best while avoiding feeling deprived, and reducing your food intake enough to cause weight loss.
  • Learn how to “aim your hunger” to have enough hunger for each meal so you can fully enjoy it while also not being so hungry that you’re a threat to yourself and everybody around you (“Look out, folks! She’s hangry!”)
  • Eat TRULY satisfying meals so you can lose weight without feeling deprived or carrying Tupperware containers around with you.
Habits from the Hunger and Satiety Awareness Mastery category make up approximately 20% of the Habit Project’s annual rotation.

If you were to hire a coach to create customized meal plans telling you exactly what and how much to eat, you could easily be looking $200 per month ($2,400 per year). And even with the most brilliantly crafted meal plan, you’re still likely to feel controlled and deprived, naturally leading to wanting to “cheat” on your diet and eat tons of off-plan, high-calorie foods.

Habit Category #2 - Taming Emotional Hunger
  • Identify your reasons for eating. When you truly understand why it is that you’re standing in the kitchen reaching for that snack or another helping of dessert, you will be able to consciously choose how you want to respond.
  • Learn how to roll with cravings. Your cravings feed off of you trying to fight them. By developing the skill of being able to ride out cravings without fighting them, strong cravings will continually get weaker.
  • Make your emotions more manageable. The more discomfort you have while experiencing your emotions, the more likely your cravings will start to grow stronger again. By learning how to respond to strong emotions, you won’t give your old habits an easy way to return.
  • Savor and enjoy your favorite treats with true pleasure, not tainted by guilt and shame.
  • Enjoy social events more by knowing that your former “trigger foods” no longer make you spiral out of control.
Habits from the Taming Emotional Hunger category make up approximately 20% of the Habit Project’s annual rotation.

Just by building a moderate level of skill with these habits, you can dramatically reduce unplanned snacking and dessert eating.   

For example, let’s say you currently eat 1 ½ pints of Haagen Dazs ice cream (at $5 per pint) each week...   

If you were to apply these habits and get your ice cream intake down to a half-pint each week, you would save $250 per year.  
Habit Category #3 - Balancing Your Meals
  • Increase “satisfaction per calorie” so you can decrease your calorie intake effortlessly and lose weight without being hungry all the time.
  • Learn how to eat enough protein and non-starchy vegetables to help you lose weight without going to extremes and removing carbohydrates or dietary fat.
  • Find the right balance of foods and macronutrients for your body and activity level, without playing with calculators or logging everything in MyFitnessPal.
  • Get better at eating mostly nutrient-dense foods while still allowing room for your favorite desserts.
  • Prioritize foods without stigmatizing others. Want to eat more vegetables? Cool, you can do it by focusing on eating more vegetables. I don’t need to take away 100 other foods for you to be able to do that.
Habits from the Balancing Your Meals category make up approximately 20% of the Habit Project’s annual rotation.

By increasing how much physical satisfaction you get from each meal you eat, you will naturally see reduce a spontaneous decrease in how many calories you take in per day.   

This is the same exact thought process behind lap band surgery, which costs an average of $14,500.  If you were to get the surgery and lose 60 lbs, that would mean you spent $241.66 PER POUND.  

Of course, this method isn’t so extreme that you end up having major mood swings (let alone needing to go under the knife). 

Even if you only lose 20 lbs by implementing these particular habits, at $241.66 per lb, that would be $4,833.33 worth of weight loss in comparison. 
Habit Category #4 - Creating Exercise Consistency
  • Make it easier to change your nutrition habits (the most important aspect for weight loss). People often report that it's easier to change their nutrition habits when they have a consistent exercise routine in place.
  • Burn more fat by telling your body "hey! I need these muscles. Go burn the fat instead"
  • Learn the 5 categories of strength training exercises that will provide you with the vast majority of your results.
  • Be introduced to an ample, but not overwhelming, variety of exercises so you can create a balanced routine that is appropriate for your body and current level of coordination.
  • Become more confident with what you can do with your body by exploring new movements that feel good for your body (i.e; no jumping around on painful knees).
  • Build strength so that you can be more "functional" in real life (what takes place outside of your workouts), decrease pain, and become more resilient to potential injuries.
Habits from the Creating Exercise Consistency category make up approximately 12.5% of the Habit Project’s annual rotation.

By learning how to most effectively budget your time and energy with exercise, you will tap into your natural motivation to exercise.   

If you were to hire a personal trainer to motivate you 2-3 times per week, you would be looking at spending an average of $550 per month ($6,600 per year), potentially as high as $1,000 per month ($12,000 per year) in some markets. 
Habit Category #5 - Planning and Lifestyle Habits
  • Become better at planning and preparing healthier meals by becoming more efficient with the limited time you have available.
  • Find a balance between planning ahead and remaining flexible, so you can have a structure in place that lets you move towards your goals while having the freedom to change course if you need to.
  • Fill your days with activities that are important to you. It’s going to be really weird, at first, when you find yourself not nearly as preoccupied with food as you were before. By being proactive, you can prevent reverting back to your old habits out of boredom.
  • Improve your sleep quality and consistency so you can burn more calories by having more energy, and prevent your appetite from going out-of-control. Remember where we talked about improving satisfaction per calorie? Sleep actually plays a HUGE role there.
  • Make nutritious foods more flavorful. What’s the point of losing weight and maintaining a leaner body if it means you’re just eating steamed broccoli all the time? Ask your teammates for their favorite recipes and cooking methods so you can keep balanced eating enjoyable and sustainable.
Habits from the Planning and Lifestyle Habits category make up approximately 20% of the Habit Project’s annual rotation.

These habits directly contribute to your health by enabling you to be well rested, eat balanced meals, and be more active, but the benefits don’t stop there.  

They will also help you to free up extra time per week and gain deeper clarity on your priorities and what you want to accomplish with your life.   

If you were to have just ONE session with a life coach to get the bonus benefits of greater clarity of your values and what other goals you have, you’d probably be looking at spending $200 for the hour. And If you were to have a personal assistant to help keep you on track with your time and organization for just one hour per week, that would equal $768.04 per year.   

Currently, the Habit Project has 16 distinct 2-week habit practice blocks. That means that it would take 8 variety-packed months in the program to start seeing duplicates.
You might be wondering… “but what if I need to revisit a habit to get back up to speed with it?”. I got you covered! Two of the 2-week habit blocks are “Wildcards”, where you get to pick from any of the habits that were introduced since the last Wildcard block (or come up with a 100% unique-to-you habit).
But The Habit Project is More Than Just a Collection of Skills and Habits…

More Importantly, It Gives You the Structure, Community, and Coaching Support Needed to Make the Most Progress.
  • Practice each skill for 2 weeks at a time so you can create habits that support your goals without getting overwhelmed.
  • Synergistic step-by-step progressions, so that with each new habit, you’re building on what you’ve practiced before and creating a stronger foundation supporting lasting weight loss.
  • Learn how to personalize each habit so you can make steady progress towards your goals rather than set yourself up for failure. Instead of “obeying” orders for how many calories to eat or what your weight needs to be by X date, you will take initiative and focus on the changes that are right for you.
  • Get customized habit support when needed. Is the group working on a habit that isn’t relevant to your needs and challenges? No worries! We can come up with the perfect habit just for you.
  • No weigh-ins. I don’t need to know your weight. If you want to weigh yourself, you may. I suggest using it purely as a form of data that gives you feedback on your current habits rather than a tool to judge personal success or failure.
  • No meal plans. Instead, you will build the skills you need to meet your calorie needs with a balanced diet while still eating what you want to eat.
  • Small groups. Each group is kept at a manageable size and when groups are relatively larger, each group is divided into smaller teams for daily interactions so everybody has a voice. Because of the client-to-coach ratio and the fact that the community itself acts as an “assistant coach”, this enables you to get the support you need – including but not limited to timely support from your coach.
  • Easy to get 1-on-1 coaching support – I check my private messages daily, and unlike in some other coaching programs, you don't need to jump through hoops to message me.
I currently charge $333 per month for email-based 1-on-1 coaching… and that doesn’t include any group support. To get anything close to this type of group support offline, you would have to spend $100 or more per month to join a gym with a strong social component like a CrossFit gym or a boutique small group training studio...and even then, you still might not want to talk about your nutrition struggles there.
The total value of everything in this category (structure, community, and coaching support) : $433 per month ($5,196 per year).
“Alright...This is Starting to Sound Too Good to Be True. What’s The Catch?”
The catch is that this is a special offer for a low price, and that is going to change. Due to the level of 1-on-1 access you have to me in this program, it’s inevitable that I will need to start charging more.

But don’t worry…

It’s still much less than it should be based on what colleagues have told me I should charge. 

Much less than the price to hire me for 1-on-1 coaching (if I’m even accepting 1-on-1 clients). 

And much less than the cost of trying to piecemeal this system together by hiring a team of experts consisting of personal trainers, nutrition consultants, behavior change specialists, and life coaches...and never mind the long-term advertising costs of continually attracting teammates who share your commitment to never return to restrictive dieting! 
“And What Does it Cost?”
The total yearly value of having all 5 categories of habits in place in your life is $15,051.37.

And of course you also get the step-by-step structure, community, and coaching support, which has a total value of $5,196 per year. 

All together, the Habit Project can provide you with $20,247.37 per year of support and results in your life… an average of $1,687 per month. 

If you were to work with me in my most intensive 1-on-1 coaching program, the investment would be $499 per month ($5,888 per year)...and that doesn’t include the group accountability and camaraderie you get in the Habit Project. 

On the flipside, you could easily spend $2,100 or more on a big name nutrition coaching program using an approach that actually makes you worse off than you were before starting. Sadly, I hear the horror stories all the time from people who thought they were signing up for a program that would be like the Habit Project… 

For the past few years, the Habit Project has been a “sleeping giant” in nutrition and weight loss coaching, serving hundreds of members per year without super flashy marketing campaigns. 

Once awareness reaches a tipping point, I will have no choice but to raise the cost of the program to $179 per month. 

But right now, you get in for early bird pricing. 

So if you’re a person that likes to take advantage of an opportunity, rather than wait and pay more, as part of this offer only… 

You won’t pay $1,687 per month. 

You won’t pay $499 per month.

You won’t even pay $250 per month. 

You only pay $127 per month... AND, you can get started today for just $1.
Start Building the Skills and Habits for Lasting Weight Loss At No Risk
Since we charge monthly (every 4 Mondays) with no long-term contract, each month is backed with a 100% money back guarantee.  Each day there will be a check-in thread for you to indicate whether you did your habit or not that day. If you check in with the group on at least 14 days in a given month and feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth, just email Jen at Admin(at) 2 days or more prior to your next charge and we will cancel your payments and refund your final charge with no hassles or hard feelings. 

Let’s Be Clear…
The Habit Project is not a “rapid weight loss program”, it is the alternative - and solution - to rapid weight loss programs and the problems caused by them.

It’s impossible to predict what your initial rate of weight loss will be as it depends on a variety of factors, including what’s currently happening with your weight and what habits you need to change.

Each skill and habit builds on the impact of every other one, creating a synergy where 1 + 1 + 1 = more than 3.

For example, Habit A alone might help you to reduce your calories by 200 per day (taking you from gaining 2 lbs per month to being weight stable) and Habit B alone might have the same potential impact.

But those two habits together might result in a 500 calorie per day change...enough to take you from gaining two lbs per month to losing two lbs per month.

Speaking of “per month”, one of the reasons that weight loss programs that place a big emphasis on weekly weigh-ins are doomed for failure is because you end up reacting to data that doesn’t mean anything.

When your water weight alone can fluctuate 3-8 lbs in a given month,never mind the other non-body-fat variables that contribute to what the scale shows on a given day, it makes it damn near impossible to determine your rate of weight loss in a single month, let alone week.

By putting too much faith into any individual weigh-in, you end up in a cycle where you’re constantly making changes whenever there’s the appearance of a plateau (or gain).

The scale doesn’t budge, so you remove food X, then it doesn’t budge again, so you add food X back in and remove food Y, so on and so forth. And in reality, you’re just spinning your wheels and playing a game of musical chairs with your weight loss strategy.

Do you see now why it makes the most sense to stay focused on building each skill and habit, to work together in synergy, rather than constantly reacting to the scale?
Fair Warning: Spaces Are Limited
Unlike mass-produced nutrition coaching programs that allow for up to a 300:1 member:coach ratio, the Habit Project is strict about keeping groups small enough for everybody to get the personal attention they deserve.

Typically, I draw the line at 30 members total per group (we only go above that if a group is less talkative and can comfortably tolerate expanding the limit). That means that each group is often only a small handful of members away from being at full capacity (unless of course, it IS at full capacity).

The Habit Project is not available anywhere else as a software or as a “plug and play” model for other coaches to use under a different name. You can only get access to my experience and methods directly from me.

Remember - the low price of $127 per month won’t be around forever (and the $1 trial DEFINITELY won't be around forever either), and if you procrastinate, you could end up having to pay $179 per month to join.

If you want in, make sure to act fast.
Yup...This Habit Change Stuff Really Works!
Every aspect of the Habit Project is there because it will directly benefit you. 

While it would help my marketing to have you frequently send in comprehensive data on your body changes or “before and after” type pictures (or even prepare you for a photoshoot), most likely, none of that would provide YOU with any extra benefit. 

And it could even act as a major distraction to you developing the skills and habits you need for lasting weight loss. 

You may have been there yourself, already… 

You start off focused on making sustainable changes, and before you know it, you’re getting obsessive about what the scale says and start thinking of strategies to “trick it” to show a smaller number the next morning. 

Because of this, weight or measurements only come up as part of the coaching when members bring them up themselves or if it’s pertinent to the current discussion we’re having (like if you’re at a plateau).

Here are a few reports from members…
Lauren Didn’t Gain Weight During One of the Most Stressful Periods of Her Life...and Actually Lost 11 Lbs!
Roxana Lost Over 30 Lbs!
Lynette Reversed Over 2 ½ Years of Steady Weight Gain!
Teri No Longer Obsesses About Food, Eats Foods She Likes, AND is Losing Weight
Lindsey Lost 20 Lbs in 6 Months!
Chrissey Found the Hardest Part to Be Letting Go of the Idea That Weight Loss Programs Have to be Hard!
And Here’s a Few More Reports From Habit Project Members for Good Measure...
“This program is truly amazing. Simple and silly effective. Just an aside- when I started the recomp program* I was 143. Just checked yesterday and I’m down 3 more lbs. 135 is my new magic number. 8 lbs lost and never on a diet. Boom. Biting off very small chunks of change at one time opens the door to small successes. Those start stacking up and you begin to feel so damn good that you take better care of yourself. I just needed the program to keep my eye on the ball. I’m easily distracted from caring for myself.”

-Meredith Gafill 
*"recomp program" refers to a coaching program that pre-dated the Habit Project.

“Prior to the Habit Project, I wasn't very participatory in my life...I lacked energy, focus, and joy. While the Habits have me developing skills related to eating, sleeping, and exercise, the results have impacted far more than that. A few pounds have dropped and several inches have melted away during my couple of months, but more importantly I eat with mindfulness, having learned to listen to my body and hunger cues, I have more energy, which leads to more days of moving than not, and I have reconnected with me and my life. And when a person starts to feel success, it leads to more success; so, even when I have a bad day, it doesn't lead to more bad days...I just shrug it off and find a new day of success...that is joyful.”

-Tracy Thompson 

“I am down about 6 lbs as well since the beginning (8 weeks ago). I love The Habit Project. It's been just what I have needed.”

-Lisa Moore 

"I absolutely loved the program, and it completely changed my relationship with food, exercise, and the scale."

-Lauren Talbot Burkart 

Study Shows Group Weight Loss Interventions MORE Effective Than 1-on-1 ...
To Recap, Here’s What You Get:
The Habit Project is a complete system giving you everything you need to stop dieting for good and build the skills and habits you need for lasting weight loss (without deprivation).

In it, you get group and coaching support as you practice a new habit assigned to the group every 2 weeks (every other Monday). Detailed instructions will be provided to you so you can personalize the group habit to fully fit into your life. Your teammates and I, as your coach, will be available to help you to make the habit work for you, and if there is no way to make a habit realistic or beneficial for you, we can help you work on your own 100% customized habit.

Over the course of 16 different 2-week blocks (with more-to-come), you will learn and practice skills and habits from these categories:
  • Hunger and Satiety Awareness Mastery
  • Taming Emotional Hunger
  • Balancing Your Meals
  • Creating Exercise Consistency
  • Planning and Lifestyle Habits
Having all of these 5 categories of habits in place in your life is worth $15,051.37 per year in total benefits and savings… which breaks down to $1,254.28 per month.

And to help guide, support and motivate you, the group and coaching are valued at $433 per month.

But you can grab your spot today for just $1 for your first month and then $127 per month after that, while spaces are still available, and before the price is raised to $179 per month.

AND, your effort is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you give it a fair try and ultimately decide it isn’t for you, then you can get your money back.

Billing is automatic, every 28-days starting from your start date in your group of choice, and there is no long-term commitment. Just email us 2 days or more prior to your next charge and we’ll cancel your membership.
What Are You Waiting For? 
You know that dieting isn’t the answer.

You know that if you want to having lasting weight loss and improve your health for the long-run , the behaviors you have in place need to be truly sustainable.

The Habit Project is exactly what you’ve been hoping would come your way... a way to pursue and achieve lasting weight loss without going on a restrictive diet for the rest of your life or replacing your meals with shakes or other fake foods.

Over 300 people have been exactly where you are right now, debating whether to take the next step, and they didn’t regret it.

After denying your cravings and trying to ignore your body’s hunger signals, isn’t it time to start trusting yourself again?

You can take action and start that process RIGHT NOW by listening to your gut and clicking one of the links below.

After you do so, we’ll start the process of getting you ready to join the group for the next habit.

What are you waiting for?

If you use Facebook regularly already, have no intentions of changing that, want more frequent engagement from your teammates, and/or you would like to just pop into the group in response to your notifications as part of your normal Facebook routine, click the button on the left to join Group Panther.

If you try not to spend a ton of time on Facebook and/or you’d rather pop into the group a couple times per day in a more deliberate fashion (e.g; “I’m going to log-in here for 5 minutes, see what my teammates are up to, check-in, and then run off to save the world again!”), click the button on the right to join Group Narwhal.

Try Your First Month for Just $1!

Click Below to Pick Your Group, Claim Your Spot, and Join Us for the Next Habit!
Group Panther (Facebook)
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Automatically renews every 4 weeks at $127 per month.  Cancel anytime with at least 2 days notice.
Group Narwhal (Slack)
Your start date: August 21st
Automatically renews every 4 weeks at $127 per month.  Cancel anytime with at least 2 days notice.
Answers to Your Questions
"How is focusing on habits REALLY different from doing a diet challenge?"
A big part of what makes this approach sustainable is the focus on ADDING beneficial behaviors. We don't do challenges such as "no sugar for 14 days". We do habits such as "eat more vegetables". Of course eating more vegetables typically results in people eating less sugar. And the same goes for a host of other "bad habits". We don't try to get you to get rid of them with great force - we help you painlessly displace them.
"Is a gym membership needed for this program?"
Nope! When we do exercise habits, we always give examples of exercises that you can do at home.
"How much time per day do I need to participate?"
I know you don't have hours of free time every day. If you have just 15 minutes per day to devote to transforming your habits, you're good to go!
"I live in [country that isn't the USA], can I still join?"
Absolutely! In each group, we typically have a couple Australians and Europeans, and occasionally we have people from Asia and Africa as well! We've yet to have people from Antarctica or South America though, but don't let that stop you!
"Am I locked into a contract?"
There is no long-term contract.  After your introductory trial, it’s $127 billed automatically every 4 weeks & you can cancel at any time with 2 days notice.  If for any reason you can no longer be part of the community, we will stop your subscription, no questions asked. You’ll still be able to take full advantage of everything in the program until your month is expired.
"What if I have a lot of weight to lose?"
You’re not alone. Many Habit Project members start off with 30 or more lbs to lose. While the total length of your weight loss journey will likely be different than someone with 3 lbs to lose, the process is still the same… change your daily behaviors to change your health and weight.
"What if I don’t think I’m ready to try losing weight again?"
Luckily, each habit provides benefits beyond just changes to your weight. Vegetables don’t care whether you’re eating them to reduce your disease risk or to lose weight. It feels better to avoid being over-stuffed whether you’re losing weight or not. Better sleep will give you more energy, whether you decide to use that increase in energy to support weight loss or not. So on and so forth. The point is that you don’t have to think about weight loss in order to be successful with changing your habits. And if you start losing too much weight, we can tweak the habits.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you’re able to fully take advantage of everything the Habit Project has to offer, and I look forward to seeing you in the group!
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Sean Flanagan
P.S. Habit Project members report weight loss feeling easier than ever before and dramatic reductions in stress caused by thinking about food and exercise. 

You get comprehensive support including group support, 1-on-1 coaching, and habits that attack excess weight from a variety of angles. 

The Habit Project is a proven program that has served hundreds of members from all walks of life, unified by the common theme of being committed to being confident, healthy, and achieving lasting weight loss without dieting, silly rules, or restrictions. 

There are no long-term contracts and has a money back guarantee. PLUS, you can get in right now for only $1 for your first month and $127 per month after that, and there is no guarantee of how long that price will be available. 

If you know that you’re ready to put in at least a little bit of effort to reach your weight loss goals, there is absolutely no risk for you. 

Considering how much easier the Habit Project can make it to make changes to your lifestyle and achieve lasting weight loss, isn’t it only logical to give it a try? 

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P.P.S.  While the Habit Project has served over 300 members, the diet industry is a 60 BILLION DOLLAR per year industry. 

Every day you are exposed directly to their messages via advertising or indirectly through some of its customers...your friends, family, co-workers, and more.   

Its tentacles reach far and wide.   

Many people have tried to break away from its influence and focus on creating sustainable habit changes, only to end up feeling frustrated and defeated. 

The reason is simple... 

When you’re completely surrounded with the diet mentality, it’s very difficult to find your way out. 

It’s not like diet books give explicit warning labels about how restrictive their recommendations are and your friends and family members don’t tell you that the scary “nutrition fact” that they’re telling you came off of a con artist’s website. 

What gives diets power is that they’re able to hide in plain sight.  

Each one like the last one claiming to be a “lifestyle change, not a diet”. 

And so you take the leap of faith, and then not too long after, find the old feelings coming back… 

Your inner rebel starts kicking in seeking to fight back against the rules of what you “can” and “can’t” eat. 

Cheat meals become cheat days become cheat weeks. 

Nibbles turn into snacks and turn into binges. 

And rapid weight loss turns into rapid weight gain. 

The Habit Project, though, IS the real deal.  

It is your path to break free from the diet industry’s noise. 

It is your chance to stop going diet-to-diet and gaining more weight each year than you lose. 

But if you don’t join, most likely things are going to stay the same. 

You’re going to continue stressing about what you should and shouldn’t eat. 

You’re going to continue to stress about not knowing how much you should be eating to lose weight. 

You’re going to continue trying to use willpower to fight emotional eating impulses, only to see those cravings become more and more intense. 

And you’re going to be constantly tempted to try the new “quick fix” of the week.

If you fight that temptation off, you’ll be able to maintain your current weight. If not, you will keep yo-yo’ing to higher and higher numbers on the scale. can start creating the skills and habits you need for truly sustainable weight loss. 

But you need to take action now… before your brain starts coming up with excuses for why dieting isn’t the problem and how you just need to “try harder”. 

And you need to take action now while spaces remain, and before the price goes up to $179 per month. 

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