Sorry!   We're sold out for the group that is starting on April 19th!

. The next group for the 4 Month Fat Loss & Body Recomposition program is tentatively planned for June.  If you're not on the early bird notification list, you can get on it HERE.

If you'd like to get started with the Habit Project, we let a handful of new people in every couple of weeks on average.   You can learn more and grab a spot for a 1 month trial at half price here: .

Here's what our members of the Habit Project are saying:

“This program is truly amazing. Simple and silly effective. Just an aside- when I started the recomp program I was 143. Just checked yesterday and I’m down 3 more lbs. 135 is my new magic number. 8 lbs lost and never on a diet. Boom.  Biting off very small chunks of change at one time opens the door to small successes. Those start stacking up and you begin to feel so damn good that you take better care of yourself. I just needed the program to keep my eye on the ball. I’m easily distracted from caring for myself.”

Meredith Gafill

“Lost 3 lbs this month. More importantly my energy level has increased a bunch. Love the Habit Project (and Sean and Amber aren’t too shabby either)!”

Tracy Thompson

“I’ve been part of the ETF group for over a year and love the principles/concepts but I feel like this habit project is really going to help me focus on balancing what/how I eat without all the denial and guilt of a “diet program”.  

Jennifer Jones