Are You Ready to Stop Restrictive Dieting… But Not 100% Clear On What to Do INSTEAD?
Here’s How You Can Use 8 Simple Habits to Shed Body Fat Without Removing Foods, Counting Calories, Or Exercising Endlessly.  

Are you sick of starting weight loss diets, have them work for a little while, only to return back to square one (or worse)?

Or maybe you swore off fad diets, and instead of outlawing foods, you’re now seeking the “perfect” calorie target as you try to analyze your way into weight loss.

It doesn’t matter if you’re forcing yourself to avoid your favorite foods, forcing yourself to eat fewer calories than you really want, or forcing yourself to do forms of exercises that you hate… when you burn through willpower by being at war with yourself, you set the stage for burning out, gaining the weight back, and failing to TRULY learn the skills for maintaining a healthy weight.

If you’ve lost weight only to gain it back, you’re not alone…

FACT: Most people who lose weight gain it all back.

You might not be surprised to learn that only 5 percent of crash dieters are able to keep the weight off.

“Well of course they did!  Crash dieting doesn’t work, everybody knows that!”

But what about dieting in general?  Now this might surprise you…

65 percent of ALL dieters gain their weight back within 3 years.

That’s fewer than 2 out of 5 people keeping the weight off.

But does this mean that sustainable weight loss is truly impossible?  Certainly some people say it is…

Not at all.  Because check THIS out:  the National Weight Control Registry tracks people – currently over 10,000 - who have lost 30 lbs or more and maintained that weight loss for over a year. 

The average weight lost is 66 lbs with having that weight loss maintained for 5 1/2 years

In other words, while losing weight and then gaining it back is very common, it’s certainly not the rule.  The statistics show that on average, the people that do win the weight loss game win pretty big.

Now do you see it’s not that weight loss attempts are inherently destined to fail, but it’s how you lose it that matters? 

The reason most people fail to keep the weight off is because of the strategies they’re attempting to use from the get-go.

The behaviors that you use to lose weight need to remain in place in order to keep that weight off (unless you systematically replace those behaviors with better ones proactively…but who is doing that?)

If you lose weight by counting calories, you’re probably going to have to keep counting calories.  And if you’ve counted calories before, you probably already know that’s not something you want to do for the rest of your life.

If you lose weight by doing a ton of cardio, what’s going to happen when you can’t keep up that pace anymore?  Sooner or later you’ll need to decrease how much you’re doing due to schedule demands or due to an injury.  If you're trying to control your weight purely by exercise, you’re going to be in for a lot of frustration when your brief workout hiatus results in weight quickly returning.

And let’s not forget losing weight by removing “bad” foods.  This is the most disastrous method of them all.  Nothing gives a food power over you quite like putting it on the “naughty” list.  And if you lose 5 lbs by removing chocolate, bread, or ice cream, or any other food that you love… I can nearly guarantee you’ll gain at least 6 lbs back.

You’re not the problem here.

It’s not that you’re abnormally low on willpower, or that your metabolism is defective.

It’s that ALL people respond similarly to the usual approaches…and that’s not well.

So how do you avoid the usual pitfalls?

Is there a step-by-step system that will set you up for success from day 1 so you can be a real winner in the weight loss game?

There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…

The Solution: Changing Your Lifestyle One Step at a Time

Since temporary diets don't work, the only logical solution is to make a permanent change to your behavior.

But before you run away in fear, let's define what that means.

I'm not talking about a longer term version of restriction, removal of your favorite foods, or any of the other quick fix nonsense.  The solution isn't to just try to do that stuff for a longer period of time.

I'm talking about a different kind of lifestyle change.  One that's 100% realistic from day one and designed to fit your life.

There's no way around it, if you're not getting the results you want, you need to change your habits.  But that doesn't mean changing everything about your life.  It's a matter of changing what needs to be changed to get the results you want, and not messing with everything else.

By focusing on changing one single behavior at a time, we can avoid one of the biggest pitfalls for people trying to lose weight - draining willpower.  All change takes some willpower.  But attempting to make changes that are too big drains our willpower too fast.  And that's when things go sideways... we go from "eating perfectly" to binge eating M&Ms.

But by focusing on one habit at a time, we challenge ourselves enough to produce change, but then that change keeps getting easier.  Instead of feeling more restricted every day, we build momentum.

Let’s develop new habits that will help you to stay healthy and fit for the long haul.

I Want to Give You a Road Map for Losing Weight Without Restriction

In the past year alone, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients on creating behaviors to support sustainable weight loss.  I tell you this so that you know I’ve put in A LOT of time and energy into figuring out what works.

But of course not everybody can afford coaching.  Nor does everybody need it.  So I set out to figure out how I could distill the core benefits of my coaching programs into a low cost format…

I looked at what weight loss habits resulted in the biggest light bulb moments for people, what habits helped support other habits the best to help build momentum, analyzed what common obstacles people encounter when trying to implement these habits, and filtered through thousands of comments from group coaching members to get you insights on how each habit can fit into and impact your life.

When the smoke cleared, I was left with an easy to follow 8-step process that guides you through the most important habits to practice for successful weight loss and how to be the most successful as you practice them.

Here’s a sampling of what’s covered in this plan…

  • How to use your hunger and fullness signals so that you can tap into the best calorie tracking app there is on the market…your own body.
  • Why trying to get rid of “bad” habits can backfire, and what to do instead. 
  • The two types of foods that are the most important to focus on to keep you satisfied and spontaneously drive your calorie intake down. 
  • How to personalize habits to fit in your life, so you can not only make the 8 habits in the book work for you, but you can be successful with any change you’d like to make. 
  • The two questions you should ask yourself every day to build the most momentum possible. 
  • How to dial in portion sizes properly so you don’t need to choose between eating a bunch of mini-meals all day or being hungry constantly. 
  • How to develop the skills to end a meal at the right point without setting yourself up for binging later. 
  • Why your eating behaviors are more important than your food choices and how to create the behaviors that let you have a flexible, inclusive diet that still meets your goals. 

…and soooo much more.

Because overly-restrictive weight loss is the norm in our culture, I would be very careful about attempting to lose weight without a proven methodology to follow.  When you’ve been practicing strategies that don’t work for so long, it’s instinct to come up with new versions of those strategies. 

I mean it…

At first, the approach in this program can be a real shock.  For people that have tried and failed at the weight loss game, this program is totally counter-intuitive.  You might even think “there’s no way this can work!  That’s WAY too simple.”

But if you take the clear direction of the program and you push through your initial doubts, you’ll quickly get a hang of things.  You’ll learn how to make these nutrition and lifestyle strategies work for you, and with enough practice you’ll see the fat start to come off.  And most importantly, because the habits will be personalized to work for YOUR life, you won’t be chomping at the bit looking forward to going back to your old routine (and getting your old weight back).

I’ve done all the hard work figuring out what to work on when, what obstacles to look out for, and where to focus to get the most out of practicing each habit. 

So now you don’t have to go it alone!

Previously, the only way to get a step-by-step system from me for using habits for weight loss was to be in one of my coaching programs, ranging from $147 - $347 per month.

But I’m super excited, because you can download your copy of Weight Loss Without Restriction for just $7. 


For less than the price of a hipster sushi burrito, you can:

  • Break the cycle of excessive hunger and overeating
  • Lose weight while eating your favorite foods
  • Have a life AND make progress with your health and fitness goals
  • Save time and energy by no longer needing to read every weight loss article that catches your eye.
  • Avoid potentially-frustrating “rookie” mistakes when creating new habits.
  • Get rid of the temptation to go on a restrictive diet ever again.

The choice is yours…

Get Your Copy of Weight Loss Without Restriction  Today for just $7
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